Meet our Cheese

Bear Wallow

We make an array of cheese and since we sell alot of it direct and on custom cheeseboards we needed variety in our lineup. The spectrum goes from fromage blanc a fresh, bright and creamy cheese to our version of a Sbrinz, a long aged hard grating cheese similar to a Parmesean but made with whole milk instead of skim. We make both raw milk and pasteurized varieties. We also make a unique and unctuous blue cheese called Green River Blue. All our cheeses are made with vegetable rennet. The cheeses are carefully crafted from recipes we have

Green River Blue Cheeserefined after more than 15 years in business. We are a farmstead cheesemaker which has a specific and important meaning in the cheese world. It means that all

the milk in our cheeses comes from our cows which are located on the same farm where the milk is made into cheese by us. All our cows are bred, born and raised by us as well and come into this world onto a bed of green grass outside (weather permRidgeline & Fetaitting). Outside of milking time, the cows have free range of large grassy pastures. And lastly we are a seasonal producer which means we stop milking and cheesemaking in November. The herd gets a coordinated break until February when calves start being born and cheese season is back upon us. All the work begins again.
Part of what makes that seasonal break possible is our underground cellars where we can store cheese to help us make the jump between seasons without running out of cheese. When we moved production down to the farm we picked our building site carefully because we were able to dig out a hillside and nestle our cellars

Baby Green River Bluebelow 3 feet of earth and behind 10 inch thick walls of concrete. This provides energy savings and a traditional environment that fosters the proper development of rinds in the cellars. Our cellars are 1,000 square feet and divided into 4 chambers so different styles of cheese can be given a specific environment for optimal development.