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That's my Jam!

That's my Jam!

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Preserves made from whole fruit on our farm. Our apples for apple butter come in season from Creasman Farms, a family orchard growing an amazing variety of apples just outside of Hendersonville. The apples bring a rich concentrated flavor and spreadable quality that goes perfect with hot biscuits from the oven. The Blueberries in the Black and Blue come from just down the road at Overmountain Vineyard. This Black Pepper, Blueberry and Red Wine Jam is just as at home on the dinner table as at breakfast. Sweet and rich with a peppery bite. Our citrus comes from a little farther away from growers in Florida because we fell in love with this three citrus style Marmalade and couldn't not make it. Through the cooking process the thinly sliced peel almost candies and the jar is filled with hunks of jewel colored fruit, from the grapefruit, oranges and a lemon used to make it.  We make these preserves in season so they may not be available year round. Each is a hefty supply of delicious jam at 9.8oz.

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